On Mon, 08 Aug 2016, Marx, Peter wrote:
I am trying this but it has no effect - as if the environment is not passed to 
the called helper scep-submit.

In /usr/lib/systemd/certmonger.service there is already a link defined to add 

In /etc/sysconfig/certmonger I added my proxy like this:


After systemctl daemon-reload and systemctl restart certmonger my
requests still do not get to the proxy.

Commenting out the EnvironmetFile line and adding the Environment line
directly in certmonger.service had the same result.

Can somebody confirm that the proxy setting is visible to the called
scep-submit ?
I've checked certmonger source code and while libcurl can be configured
to use proxy and proxy authentication, certmonger does not configure it
to do so. As result, environmental variables have no influence on the
use of libcurl by certmonger.

It is worth to open a ticket for certmonger to add proxy support.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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