On 8.8.2016 11:34, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
> Hi!
> Attached patch is what is needed to allow external plugins for FreeIPA
> framework to be functional if they need to extend a schema.
> The idea is that we would have a separate directory as
> /usr/share/ipa/schema.d and will allow to use schema (*.ldif) files from
> it and its subdirectories during install and upgrade stages.
> Without the patch only selected schema files from /usr/share/ipa are
> used during install and upgrade. This leads to a failure to install IPA
> server (or upgrade it) if a new plugin is added. If plugin defines
> managed permissions, upgrade tool will generate ACIs which will fail to
> be inserted into LDAP store due to references to missing attributes and
> object classes.
> The patch adds a directory to be installed and a helper utility that
> loads files from the directory and adds them to the list of schema files
> used during update of dsinstance and upgrade of the server.
> With this patch I'm successfully managed to make FleetCommander
> integration plugin completely independent of FreeIPA.

1. I cannot see a patch attached to this e-mail :-)

2. Needless to say that ticket in appropriate milestone is going to be required.

Petr^2 Spacek

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