On Mon, 08 Aug 2016, Petr Spacek wrote:
On 8.8.2016 11:34, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

Attached patch is what is needed to allow external plugins for FreeIPA
framework to be functional if they need to extend a schema.

The idea is that we would have a separate directory as
/usr/share/ipa/schema.d and will allow to use schema (*.ldif) files from
it and its subdirectories during install and upgrade stages.

Without the patch only selected schema files from /usr/share/ipa are
used during install and upgrade. This leads to a failure to install IPA
server (or upgrade it) if a new plugin is added. If plugin defines
managed permissions, upgrade tool will generate ACIs which will fail to
be inserted into LDAP store due to references to missing attributes and
object classes.

The patch adds a directory to be installed and a helper utility that
loads files from the directory and adds them to the list of schema files
used during update of dsinstance and upgrade of the server.

With this patch I'm successfully managed to make FleetCommander
integration plugin completely independent of FreeIPA.

1. I cannot see a patch attached to this e-mail :-)
See my other email. ;)

2. Needless to say that ticket in appropriate milestone is going to be required.
Sure. Moving ticket from one milestone to another is a simple act. I
wanted to show that it is actually an almost trivial patch to enable
external plugin development and argue by that fact we could have it
added, thus raising the ticket to a better milestone.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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