On (08/08/16 13:30), thierry bordaz wrote:
>On 08/05/2016 02:16 PM, Lukas Slebodnik wrote:
>> ehlo,
>> attached patches fixes few compiler warnings in ipa-extop.
>> Sorry for not following naming convention for patches.
>> But I do not remeber my numer and you will use github/pagure
>> anyway.
>> LS
>Hi Lukas,
>0001-ipa_pwd_extop-Fix-warning-decalration-shadows-previo.patch looks ok but
>there is a leak in the remaining code.
>In fact bind_sdn and target_sdn need to be freed (slapi_sdn_free(&xxx))
>before the end of the 'if (dn)' statement.
>Do you want to fix it in your patch of should we use an other patch ?
>0002-ipa-pwd-extop-Fix-warning-assignment-discards-const-.patch is ok. Ack
If I it is not introduced by this patch then it will be better
to prepare another patch. "git blame" would be confusing.

Thank you for review.


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