On (09/08/16 14:59), Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
>On Fri, 05 Aug 2016, Lukas Slebodnik wrote:
>> ehlo,
>> attached patches fix a build of freeipa on fedora 25 and fedora rawhide.
>> IMHO, this change in krb5pac.h is an ABI change and samba guys should
>> also bump a SONAME to related (private?) libraries. I could not see it;
>> but maybe I overlooked it.
>It an interesting question which you might raise upstream. krb5pac.h is
>auto-generated from krb5pac.idl, the same happens for all IDL-based
>definitions. They are not versioned, though.
I can ask but I am not sure which library is connected to the
header file "gen_ndr/krb5pac.h". If it is a internal library then
ABI change is not guaranted but ipa might have problems without requires.


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