On 08/02/2016 01:08 PM, Stanislav Laznicka wrote:
On 07/28/2016 10:57 AM, Martin Basti wrote:

suprisingly, patch needs rebase :)

Is the script error the right Exception?
I chose ScriptError because it's able to change the return value of the script, which is necessary sometimes. RuntimeError, which may seem more suitable, would not be able to do that. However, I am open for ideas on which exception type to use.

Can you use rather raise Exception(), instead of raise Exception

Sure, please see the modified attached patch.
I really hate to print errors to STDOUT from modules and then just call exit(1) (duplicated evil), could you replace print('xxx') with raise AnException('xxx')
Did that, only kept those prints printing directly to stderr. Not sure if those should be changed as well.

Bumping for review/opinions.

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