On 30.08.2016 09:27, Jan Cholasta wrote:
On 25.8.2016 13:09, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Thu, 25 Aug 2016, Jan Cholasta wrote:

On 25.8.2016 11:27, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

attached patch moves ipa CLI to freeipa-client and obsoletes

The Obsoletes (both) should be on version < 4.4.1 rather than
%{version}, as per Fedora packaging guidelines [1].

Please move the Obsoletes and Provides on %{name}-admintools right
below Group (Obsoletes first) and put a newline between the
%{alt_name}-client and %{alt_name}-admintools blocks, for consistent
layout accross all subpackages in the spec file.

Solves https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/5934

Here is how upgrade looks when running 'dnf':

freeipa-client                                 x86_64 @commandline
146 k
   replacing  freeipa-admintools.noarch

I'm going to test with yum as well, for RHEL and CentOS.
Updated patch attached.

Thanks, ACK.

Pushed to master: b91ba39d627d36d1a62ebf97a987a2579404395e

I'm experiencing this:

[root@vm-058-017 ~]# dnf reinstall /home/mbasti/freeipa-rpms/* -y
Last metadata expiration check: 1:32:14 ago on Tue Aug 30 12:32:32 2016.
Dependencies resolved.
Package Arch Version Repository Size
freeipa-client x86_64 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 146 k
     replacing  freeipa-admintools.noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24
freeipa-client-common noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 28 k freeipa-common noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 386 k freeipa-debuginfo x86_64 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 934 k freeipa-python-compat noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 22 k freeipa-server x86_64 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 350 k freeipa-server-common noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 524 k freeipa-server-dns noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 26 k freeipa-server-trust-ad x86_64 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 116 k python2-ipaclient noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 443 k python2-ipalib noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 560 k python2-ipaserver noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 1.2 M python2-ipatests noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 840 k python3-ipaclient noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 626 k python3-ipalib noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 568 k python3-ipatests noarch 4.4.0-0.fc24 @commandline 842 k

Transaction Summary

Total size: 7.4 M
Downloading Packages:
Running transaction check
Error: transaction check vs depsolve:
ipa-admintools conflicts with freeipa-client-4.4.0-0.fc24.x86_64
freeipa-admintools < 4.4.1 is obsoleted by freeipa-client-4.4.0-0.fc24.x86_64 ipa-admintools conflicts with (installed) freeipa-admintools-4.4.0-0.fc24.noarch
To diagnose the problem, try running: 'rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest'.
You probably have corrupted RPMDB, running 'rpm --rebuilddb' might fix the issue.

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