On 09/16/2016 03:17 AM, Martin Basti wrote:

Sorry for stealing your thread, but you started asking about github review emails :)

Standard review inline comments are disabled on purpose, each comment generates one email, so we decided that is better after review to write a regular comment "NACK, please see inline comments" or so.

I would expecting that the new review feature is sending all comments in one batch, but I was wrong. I used the new review feature (with the pending comments) but when I sent it I received all comments as single notifications again, so again one inline comment = one email

Even worse it is with states of review (approved, required change). I didn't received any notification from github related to this (not sure if is part of any inline comment message or just not implemented yet). This is not documented in their API docs (according David) so we cannot use it our tools yet.

Generally adding Labels ACK/Rejected are more visible and filters can be made easily.

So for now I would stay with our old workflow and not extend email notifications. We can play with new review feature for longer time and decide if it is worth to use it (and change email notification accordingly)

That all seems reasonable. I hope they will improve the API in the future to make this work better, but in the meantime the current process is fine. Thanks for looking into it!


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