URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/145
Title: #145: Refactoring: LDAP Connection Management

jcholast commented:
In addition to my inline comments:
* use component name ("ipaldap", "ldap2", "install", ...) rather than "lda 
refactoring" as a prefix in commit subjects,
* please move "ldap refactoring: change default time/size limit in ldap2" 
before "ldap refactoring: conn management in dsinstance" and squash it with 
"ldap refactoring: restore previous time/size limit in backend",
* squash "ldap refactoring: add restart_dirsrv to installutils" and "ldap 
refactoring: use restart_dirsrv in installers",
* maybe squash all of the "ldap refactoring: conn management in ipa-...", as it 
is a single change accross multiple scripts.

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