URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/145
Title: #145: Refactoring: LDAP Connection Management

tomaskrizek commented:
- Fixed the `LDAPClient` typo; affected integration tests now pass
- Not able to reproduce the `[5/7]: enable GSSAPI for replication` replica 
installation error nor locally (tried twice), nor in jenkins
- Improved doc text for the `_missing` idiom in `ldap2.create_connection()`
- Ran integration tests again. The only difference from master are 4 failing 
tests in caless domlelv1: `test_caless.TestReplicaInstall`. I'm not able to 
reproduce these locally, but they seem to occur persistently in Jenkins. I 
wonder if they might be caused by some configuration or reusing VMs.

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