URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/215
Title: #215: Add script to setup krb5 NFS exports

jumitche commented:
@mbasti-rh This is my first python script so apologies for it being a bit rough 
around the edges, i tried to emulate the stylings of the other ipa-scripts,i 
recall that the user_input method is very similar, and there is some 
boilerplate top level exception handling, but no direct cut and paste afair. It 
does not attempt to install any packages, it just suggests which ones you might 
need if it finds commands it relies upon are missing.

The brief was to make an easy to use script in the style of ipa-client-install 
that sets up kerberos encrypted NFS exports on a host, it calls out to the cli 
commands where possible so that it could potentially be reused with AD in the 

It tries to retrieve as much information from an already configured system as 
possible, and if IPA is already setup, configured, and a session in progress it 
will ask very little. When the setup is not there it gracefully falls back, 
asking more and more questions as required, attempting to initiate 
authentications where needed, until a final level where if critical components 
are missing it will suggest which packages may be missing before giving up.

I have made changes to pass all the pylint tests cleanly, as i hfailed to 
notice them originally, is there any further modifications i should be making ?


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