URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/215
Title: #215: Add script to setup krb5 NFS exports

pvoborni commented:
Justin, pasting here re-phrased mail I wrote you on Dec 5. 

This is a tool which integrates external host with FreeIPA. It is written in a 
way that it can exist completely outside of FreeIPA git repository.  Thinking 
more about it. It might be actually better to write an Ansible module which 
would configure server as a NFS server and join it to FreeIPA realm. We will be 
working on better Ansible integration in very close future. 

Technical/maintenance side of the patch: tools merged in FreeIPA repository are 
then maintained by FreeIPA core team.  Problem is that the tool is written in a 
way that it doesn't use any internal FreeIPA calls and thus reimplements IPA 
logic, it makes it hard to maintain. To make it easier to maintain it would be 
better to reuse IPA internal calls. But it doesn't make sense for you to spend 
time on rewriting it according to upstream rules nor it doesn't make sense for 
upstream developer to modify your code according to it (this would be faster 
for both sides then former review ping-pong). So it would be preferred to 
maintain it elsewhere.

The proposal/general agreement on FreeIPA triage was:
- move this script into separate git repo, e.g. on Git Hub. That way fixing the 
script doesn't have to rely on FreeIPA schedule. It might be your repo or maybe 
under FreeIPA org if you prefer it.
- FreeIPA upstream will create wiki page where we will list similar 
contribution (like https://github.com/peterpakos/ipa_check_consistency/ ) and 
add it there so it would be discoverable
- FreeIPA upstream will also make it discoverable from installed rpms - 
- if the project receives high enough popularity - will be widely use it may be 
considered for rewrite and including it into IPA core

What was not discuss but may be a good thing is to create integration travis 
tests in  the separate repo which would test the script so it can be tested 

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