URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/254
Title: #254: Replace LooseVersion with parse_ipa_version()

martbab commented:
I was thinking about this a bit, and was wondering whether the 
platform-specific idiosyncracies of the version handling could be safely 
confined to the platform-specific code. I.E ipaplatform.base would define 
version comparisons via standard `pkg_resources` parser and fedora/redhat would 
override this with their platform-specific quirks.

The one thing that could be broken by this would be scenarios like Fedora 
clients talking to RHEL masters etc., but I think those sceniarios are not 
handled correctly by the current implementation anyway.

Another thing I was thinking about is whether we could use some proxy object in 
ipalib/ipaclient/ipapython libs which would use version comparison from 
ipaplatform if present, and if not use standard Python algorithms.

What I am aiming at that we should reduce the dependency of the PyPI candidate 
code on ipaplatform madness as much as is humanly possible. IMHO if we really 
want to use these modules in PyPI, then they ideally should not depend on 
ipaplatform at all.

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