URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/254
Title: #254: Replace LooseVersion with parse_ipa_version()

tiran commented:
> I was thinking about this a bit, and was wondering whether the 
> platform-specific idiosyncracies of the version handling could be safely 
> confined to the platform-specific code. I.E ipaplatform.base would define 
> version comparisons via standard pkg_resources parser and fedora/redhat would 
> override this with their platform-specific quirks.

Somebody used a time machine and implemented your proposal already. 
```tasks.parse_ipa_version()``` is a generic version parsing function. On RPM 
platforms it returns an object that uses ```librpm```.

IMHO it's ok to use ```tasks.parse_ipa_version()``` everywhere. 

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