Hello everyone!

Is it worth to keep configuring NTP in FreeIPA?

In usual environment there're no special requirements for time synchronization and the distribution default (be it ntpd, chrony or anything else) will just work. Any tampering with the configuration can't make it any better.

In environment with special requirements (network disconnected from public internet, nodes disconnected from topology for longer time, ...) time synchronization must be taken care of accordingly by system administrator and FreeIPA simply can't help here.

Also there are problems and weird behavior with the current FreeIPA installers:

* ipa-client-install replaces all servers in /etc/ntp.conf with the ones specified by user or resolved from DNS. If none were provided nor resolved the FreeIPA server specified/resolved during installation it used. This leads in just single server in the configuration and no time synchronization when this server is down/decommissioned.

* ipa-client-install replaces the NTP configuration. If there was any parts previously edited by system administrator it's lost.

* ipa-server-install adds {0-4}.$PLATFORM.pool.ntp.org to /etc/ntp.conf. What's the point in doing that? These servers're already in the configuration file installed with ntp package.

I have NTP-related WIP patches that solve some of the issues but in general I would prefer to remove the whole thing together with documenting "Please make sure that time on all FreeIPA servers and clients is synchronized. On most distributions this was already done during system installation."

Can we mark NTP options deprecated in 4.5 and remove them and stop touching any time syncing service in 4.6?

David Kupka

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