URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/255
Title: #255: Adjustments for setup requirements

pvoborni commented:
The commit message doesn't explain why  python-gssapi version is raised. Is it 
required by something? It also doesn't explain if the minimal required version 
of python-cryptography should be  1.3. Review would be much smoother if this 
information was here since the beginning.

That said, answers to those questions are not important. Fedora 23+, RHEL 7.3, 
PyPi all have the same or newer versions and it is actually more work to 
install older versions. (Not sure about Debian) Or it might not even be 
possible.  So there is no point to waste time with discussing why it needs to 
be bumped. 

If it was a version which would not be on target platforms then it would be 
different story.

@mbasti-rh is there any other reason for having full explanation of version 
bumps which I don't see? If not can we move the review forward to unblock #263 ?


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