URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/255
Title: #255: Adjustments for setup requirements

martbab commented:
Well from our (as upstream) POV 0.9 and later is required for Custodia to work 
correctly. This requirement was introduced by me in commit 
aa749957360b85fecaed2f9f8dc286f560b89e0b when I was building 4.3 in Copr for 
CentOS 7. There was ye olde 0.8 something version and I found empirically that 
0.9 or later is required for replica promotion to work (at that time 1.2.1 was 
the most up-to-date version built in Brew IIRC). Yes, this version is ancient 
and vast majority of distros does not support it anymore but then it is their 
job to provide newer version fullfilling our Required and I see no point in 
artificially bumping it in upstream unless some of our code depends on 
functionality of newer version.

I mentioned the CentOS story as an example that demonstrates that you never 
know on what distro your software is being ported.

That said, if you are afraid that it can break the PIP use-case then I am fine 
with bumping the version but as @mbasti-rh said, please split version bumps 
into a separate commit with clean explanation of the reasons (already provided 
in the commit message).

This makes it easier for our future selves to review the build/runtime 
requirements during spec file cleanups and similar work. I remember that 
@jcholast was very frustrated when he was cleaning up BuildRequires recently 
and was unable to find any reasonable explanation for many of them in git 


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