URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/475
Title: #475: Add options to run only ipaclient unittests

tiran commented:
My first PoC used the approach. ipa-run-tests can already takes arguments to 
limit tests to subdirectories. One has to remember that ipa-run-tests performs 

The additional option combined with the marker have some benefits. It's not 
just less work and more robust, it permits us to use a cleaner and declarative 
way to mark test cases. The author of a test case can mark a test with pytest's 
standard API instead of changing some test runner options. The markers allow us 
to skip some test cases in a file, too. In my and your example, some tests of 
```test_csrgen``` are skipped in ```--ipaclient-unittest``` mode. :)

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