URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/397
Title: #397: Improve wheel building and provide ipaserver wheel for local 

tiran commented:
@pvoborni The main reason for this PR is explained in the initial PR message. I 
like to run an IPA framework server with specially instrumented Python builds 
for profiling or for debugging. The special builds are powerful and incredible 
useful tools to find bugs or hot spots.

Profile and debug builds have a different ABI than standard builds. Therefore I 
have to compile all C extensions myself to make them compatible with the new 
ABI. It is much easier than it sounds, because distutils, setuptools and pip 
just take care of all the complicated bits and pieces. But this works only for 
native Python packages. SSSD uses its own build system and has no packages on 
PyPI. It would take too much time and effort to change SSSD now. Commits 
1f195bb4 and c69c30c2 make pyhbac and other SSSD components optional.

Commit 905118a1 allows me to build all ipaserver wheel and full ipaclient 
wheels with ```install``` subpackage for local testing. These packages are not 
meant to be uploaded to PyPI. They are really just for local testing.

Last but not least 5710587f is a workaround for a python-nss packaging issue. 
@jdennis is aware of the problem and will address it in due time. We can't get 
rid of python-nss. Dogtag PKI's Python modules depend on python-nss.

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