URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/479
Title: #479: Merge AD trust installer into composite ones

martbab commented:
@abbra I think that I am confused by the way sidgen plugin works. During LDAP 
configuration I can see that sidgen/extdom plugins are activated. e.g:

  [43/47]: enabling compatibility plugin
  [44/47]: activating sidgen plugin
  [45/47]: activating extdom plugin
Yet unless I install AD trust related bits, there are no SIDs generated on 
entries I am added (user or groups). When the AD trust installer is run, I see 
that the sidgen task is activated:

 [13/21]: activating sidgen task
 [14/21]: configuring smbd to start on boot

The admin user now has SID added by installer, yet the existing POSIX groups 
(editors) have no SIDs associated with them, only the new user I add afterwards.

Do we have a documentation about the semantics of different sidgen-related 
operations somewhere? If not, can you please explain the behavior I am seeing 


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