URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/479
Title: #479: Merge AD trust installer into composite ones

MartinBasti commented:

* 4ba6b968399204aac66d82d917a8cc159e77ad4d Refactor the code checking for 
missing SIDs
* c5bae577597fbababdd25ab3ae6463c490d90a40 only check for netbios name when 
LDAP backend is connected
* 9348cfa996ce450bc88a4b35ee3f3bf52adfff39 Refactor the code searching and 
presenting missing trust agents
* c17215ea3db58c7a5fe6e30b6b38f4f3012e25d2 adtrust.py: Use logging to emit 
error messages
* ef37c42ab9d3530dc78fa4b754cd11c585b69d77 print the installation info only in 
standalone mode
* 289060dd98a3ed8e2a916ed25eaa1824c795e842 check for installed dependencies 
when *not* in standalone mode
* 77857ea77662e005b1a23039e2f9173c0a9b080b Add AD trust installer interface for 
composite installer
* 13b5821fa4d32b5a1cc69a97386853fad44236ec expose AD trust related knobs in 
composite installers
* aa353c5f21bf040579a4aeda6840b56ae93b4309 Merge AD trust configurator into 
server installer
* eee319dba12a6ab7daa06ca0d7d8ac8fc754f961 Merge AD trust configurator into 
replica installer
* f62f0b74855beff8db1ad6a24bf76fa66c3c4771 Fix erroneous short name options in 
ipa-adtrust-install man page
* 23cebe1356bbf84ddfde2a622a795061c4924edf Update server/replica installer man 
* 612ea7f66e102c57c2b213eff99ad8f1c91e59a5 Provide basic integration tests for 
built-in AD trust installer

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