On ke, 01 maalis 2017, Simo Sorce wrote:
> My take is: cut API/UI work, and do the underlying infrastructure work
> for the widest set of serves/clients possible instead.
> It is much more important to get the underlying gears done than to add
> UI candy, that can be delayed.
> Simo.

I agree, we just have to come to agreement of *which* gears are really

Indeed, but adding attributes to ipaConfig and the ID Views is not hard,
it is a matter of extending two objectclasses instead of one ... if we
decide that Id Views are a good abstraction point.
Adding the same attribute to ID View and to ipaConfig sounds logical to

Martin, if you want help with this, I can implement ID View-related
parts. SSSD does have code to retrieve ipaConfig already, and it also
has support for reading ID View associated with the host. The resulting
value wouldn't end up in the same place, though, but this is something
to handle on SSSD side.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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