On to, 02 maalis 2017, Jan Cholasta wrote:
"No value is set in configuration => use built-in default / some value
is set configuration => use the value" is perfectly user friendly and
pretty much common virtually everywhere I believe, much more so than
"empty value is set in configuration => ignore the value even if the
user deliberately set it empty and use the default value instead".
I'm not arguing with "no value is set in configuration -> use built-in
default". I do argue on having empty but present attribute because it
does not add anything useful for SSSD to decide on. And as it is not
adding anything useful, why there should be such difference at all?

This is the only question open I see in this design.

The list does not have to contain all available domains, therefore it can also be empty. When a domain is not present in the list, a fully qualified name must be used for users in that domain, therefore when the list is empty, fully qualified name must be used for users in all domains.

This might be useful to someone, and even if it wasn't, I still don't think it warrants making a (IMO counter-intuitive) special case out of the empty list.
I'm confused. I don't want to make this distinction between a missing
attribute and an empty one. You appear to be following the same path.
What we are arguing about then?

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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