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Author: MartinBasti
 Title: #746: KDC proxy URI records
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Automatic creation of KDC proxy URI records
Enables creation of following KDC proxy URL records per each replica:
 _kerberos.example.com. IN URI <prio> <weight> 
 _kpasswd.example.com. IN URI <prio> <weight> 
Records are created for each replica in topology as KDC proxy is enabled
by default. (If KDC proxy is manually disabled this record will be
created anyway)
URI records for kadmin discovery are not created because FreeIPA doesn't
support kadmin.
See: https://k5wiki.kerberos.org/wiki/Projects/KDC_Discovery

### TODO
- [ ] Add URI records for 88/UDP, 88/TCP with higher priority to keep client 
asking directly KDC first
- [ ] Add URI records for HTTPS only when kdc proxy is enabled on server 
(requires to update server roles with role attribute KDC proxy)
- [ ] Fix https://pagure.io/freeipa/issue/6906 to allow enroll FreeIPA clients 
using HTTPS KDC proxy

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