URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/764
Title: #764: Basic uninstaller for the CA

martbab commented:
@rcritten If it is expected to not clean up properly after a fai;ed 
installation then I would rather not advertise it as an uninstaller, otherwise 
users will start to get ideas like "I do not want to use built-in CA anymore, 
let's just uninstall it and use 3rd party certs everywhere" and will run into 
problems with leftover certificates and such.

I would rather provide some rollback after failed install but again, I think 
there should be a more extensive discussion about a generic solution applicable 
to all service installers.

Also I would not claim that we actually do not have a service uninstaller 
framework since every service installer has a copy-pasted code in an ad-hoc 
coded uninstall method repeated ad nauseam. From what I have glimpsed from 
`ipa-4-5` branch, `Service` class does not even provide `uninstall` abstract 
method to override, only `SimpleServiceInstance` does that.

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