URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/764
Title: #764: Basic uninstaller for the CA

pvoborni commented:
Let's first clarify the problem to solve.  If I understand @rcritten right, the 
problem is that if ipa-ca-install fail then one must reinstall the whole 
replica because the failed installation left a garbage and  subsequent 
installer is not able to handle the garbage.

Uninstallation of successful CA installation is not the intend, right? If so 
then it seems to me that both of you are in agreement. And I would add that I 
completely agree with CA uninstall not being a goal because it would add just 
another use case to support with a benefit I don't see.

So if goal is repeatable ipa-ca-install then let's not talk about creating a CA 
uninstaller but rather about CA cleanup and let's hide/remove the `--uninstall` 
option and figure out how it should behave - i.e. let it be internal.

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