The SSSD team is proud to announce the version 1.5.14 enhancement and
bugfix release of the System Security Services Daemon.

As always, it can be downloaded from

== Highlights ==
 * Improved handling of users and groups with multi-valued name
attributes (aliases)
 * Performance enhancements
  * Initgroups on RFC2307bis/FreeIPA
  * HBAC rule processing
 * Improved process-hang detection and restarting
 * Enabled the midpoint cache refresh by default (fewer cache misses on
commonly-used entries)
 * Cleaned up the example configuration

== Detailed Changelog ==
Jakub Hrozek (22):
 * Improve error message for LDAP password constraint violation
 * Fix uninitialized pointer read in sdap_gssapi_get_default_realm()
 * IPA access: hostname comparison should be case-insensitive
 * Add sysdb interface to get name aliases
 * Add a sysdb_get_direct_parents function
 * Store name aliases for users, groups
 * Return users and groups based on alias
 * Use explicit base 10 for converting strings to integers
 * Fix typo in sysdb_get_direct_parents
 * Add option to follow symlinks to check_file()
 * Append PID to sbus server socket name, let clients use a symlink
 * Streamline the example config
 * Do not delete requests inside hash_iterate loop
 * Check if dp_requests hash table exists before using it
 * Fix off-by-one error in remove_socket_symlink()
 * Report on errno, not return code in create_socket_symlink
 * Add a missing break
 * Sanitize DN in sysdb_get_direct_parents
 * gitignore additions
 * Utility functions for LDAP nested schema initgroups
 * Use fewer transactions during RFC2307bis initgroups
 * Use fewer transactions during IPA initgroups

Jan Zeleny (2):
 * man page fix (lists are comma-separated)
 * Fixed timeout handling in responders

Marko Myllynen (3):
 * Add missing options to sssd.api.conf
 * Unbreak ./configure
 * Update sssd-example.conf

Pavel Březina (3):
 * sss_ldap_err2string() - function created
 * sss_ldap_err2string() - ldap_err2string() to sss_ldap_err2string()
 * Added quiet option to pam_sss

Stephen Gallagher (17):
 * Bumping version to 1.5.14
 * Add option to specify the kerberos replay cache dir
 * Fix typo in %configure
 * Remove all libtool .la files from RPM
 * Improve documentation of libipa_hbac
 * Add libipa_hbac documentation to the -devel package
 * MONITOR: Correctly detect lack of response from services
 * Do not build documentation on RHEL 5
 * Fix typo in specfile
 * MAN: Add more information about internal credential storage
 * HBAC: fix typos preventing proper hostgroup evaluation
 * HBAC: Do not save member/memberOf links
 * HBAC: Use originalMember for identifying servicegroups
 * HBAC: Use originalMember for identifying hostgroups
 * BUILDSYS: Fix --without-manpages
 * MONITOR: fix timeout conversion
 * Updating translation files

Sumit Bose (1):
 * Do not access memory out of bounds

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