the SSSD upstream supports some selected branches for a longer time, to
make life easier for long-term supported distributions such as Red Hat
Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu LTM or Suse Enterprise Linux.

Since the sssd-1.13 branch is quite stable and already used in several
long-term supported distributions, we decided to formally proclaim it as
a LTM (Long-Term Maintenance) release. We will be backporting important
fixes to the branch and release updates as appropriate.

Packagers and maintainers of stable distributions are encouraged to use
the sssd-1.13 releases. Please let us know (by filing a ticket or sending a
mail to sssd-devel) if you need any fixes backported to the sssd-1-13 branch.

I've updated the SSSD Trac front page:
and the Releases page:
to reflect that.

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