== SSSD 1.14 Beta === 

The SSSD team is proud to announce the release of version 1.14 Beta of
the System Security Services Daemon.

As always, the source is available from https://fedorahosted.org/sssd

== Feedback == 

Please provide comments, bugs and other feedback via the sssd-devel
or sssd-users mailing lists:

== Highlights ==
 * SSSD's cache performance was improved. SSSD now stores operational
   attributes of cache entries to a separate database with asynchronous
   writes mode, which results in substantially faster cache update times in
   most cases. Note that the performance of the initial cache write with an
   empty cache does not improve, only subsequent updates.
 * SSSD is able to merge configuration file snippets from an include
   directory. This functionality requires the latest libini release 1.3.0.
 * The GPO evaluator is able to skip malformed INI files. This feature is
   also only available with libini release 1.3.0 or newer.
 * A new command line tool, called sssctl was added. This tool allows the
   administrator to observe the status of SSSD. In this version, the tool
   is able to:
     * list SSSD domains and subdomains, including their online and
       offline status
     * print information about objects stored in the cache
     * backup or remove the local databases
     * help truncate SSSD logs 
 * SSSD is able to validate configuration files against a built-in
   schema. To retain backwards-compatibility with configuration files that
   would otherwise not validate, the validator only warns about errors in
   the config file in this version.
 * An ID-mapping plugin for the winbind deamon was added. With this plugin,
   it's possible for winbind to use the same ID-mapping scheme as SSSD uses,
   producing consistent ID values
 * A new "secrets" responder was added. This responder allows an application
   to communicate with SSSD over a UNIX socket using the Custodia API. SSSD
   then stores the secrets either in its local database or proxies them to
   a remote Custodia server.

== Packaging Changes ==
 * SSSD stores ephemeral attributes in a new ldb database called
   timestamps_$domain.ldb stored in the same directory as the regular caches.
 * The winbind ID-mapping plugin is packages in its own subpackage called
 * The SSSD configuration snippets are being read from a newly-owned
   directory /etc/sssd/conf.d.
 * SSSD ships a file with rules for the configuration validator. In Fedora,
   this file is located at /var/lib/sss/cfg_rules.ini

== Tickets Fixed ==

    [RFE] Provide a Method to Display SSSD Status Information
    [RFE] Provide a force reload utility
    [RFE] create a generic sssdctl utility
    [RFE] Improve LDAP error logging
    sssd does not detail which line in configuration is invalid
    [RFE] SSSD cache database reporting
    [RFE] SSSD should be able to merge configuration from multiple files
    [RFE] Method for setting custom shells without Unix Attributes in AD account
    Optimize cache writes to sysdb
    RFE: sss_cache: Add an option to rm the database files
    Document best practices from security standpoint for OpenScap team
    SSSD can't process GPO from Active Directory when it contains lines with no 
equal sign
    Add a Secrets as a Service component
    Make cli_ctx more generic
    Replace the monitor ping with an in-process heartbeat
    Extend interface between DP and IFP
    Add infrastructure for socket-activated responders

== Detailed Changelog ==
Christian Heimes (1):
    * Secrets: m4 macros for jansson and http-parser 

Jakub Hrozek (19):
    * Updating the version for the 1.14 beta release
    * SYSDB: Move sysdb initialization into a new module sysdb_init.c
    * UTIL: Add error codes for sysdb too old or too new
    * SYSDB: Refactor database connection
    * SYSDB: Add a second, timestamp-only ldb cache
    * SYSDB: Open a timestamps cache for caching domains
    * SYSDB: Wrap sysdb_store_group in a transaction and split it into smaller 
    * SYSDB: Search the timestamp caches in addition to the sysdb cache
    * SYSDB: If modifyTimestamp is the same, only update the TS cache
    * SYSDB: Check if group attributes differ before saving a group
    * SYSDB: Refactor sysdb_store_user
    * SYSDB: Only update user attributes if needed
    * TESTS: Add a unit test for timestamps caches
    * TESTS: Add an integration test for the timestamps cache
    * LDAP: Shortcut looking up for group members sooner
    * Contrib: Add a gdbinit file
    * BUILD: Fall back to non-strict http parser, if strict is not available
    * MAN: Include idmap_sss.8.xml in the manpage sources
    * Updating the translations for the 1.14 beta release 

Lukas Slebodnik (6):
    * Prepare ini schema with rules for validation
    * UTIL: Fix debug message in sssd_async_connect_done
    * UTIL: Revent connection handling in sssd_async_connect_send
    * Downcast to errno_t after tevent_req_is_error
    * BUILD: Fix detection of systemd
    * BUILD: Detect libsystemd-daemon or libsystemd 

Michal Židek (3):
    * GPO: ignore non-KVP lines if possible
    * confdb: Make it possible to use config snippets
    * confdb: Check for config file errors on sssd startup 

Pavel Březina (25):
    * IFP: Add domain nodes
    * IFP: new header file that contains interface definitions
    * sss_sifp: make it compatible with latest version of the infopipe
    * sss_sifp: return context even on IO error
    * sss_sifp: bump version to 1:0:1
    * sss_tools: add command description
    * sss_tools: add help commands to usage message
    * sss_tools: unify description of --debug
    * sss_tools: tell whether an option was provided
    * sss_tools: add commands delimiter
    * sss_tools: pad help message properly
    * sss_tools: return errno_t instead of system code
    * sss_tools: add test if sssd is running
    * sss_tools: create confdb if not exist
    * sss_override: return EXIT_SUCCESS even when no overrides are found
    * sss_override: return EXIT_FAILURE if file does not exist during import
    * ERRORS: Add errors to indicated whether SSSD is running or not
    * SBUS ERRORS: Add unknown domain
    * SBUS: Fix typo in comment
    * SBUS: Add string helper macros
    * DP: Add function to get be_ctx directly from dp_client
    * DP: Add org.freedesktop.sssd.DataProvider?.Backend
    * DP: Add org.freedesktop.sssd.DataProvider?.Failover
    * IFP: Provide domain and failover status
    * sssctl: new tool 

Simo Sorce (14):
    * Util: Add watchdog helper
    * Server: Enable Watchdog in all daemons
    * Monitor: Remove ping infrastructure
    * Responders: Make the client context more generic
    * Responders: Add support for socket activation
    * ConfDB: Add helper function to get "subsections"
    * Secrets: Add autoconf macros to build with secrets
    * Secrets: Add initial responder code for secrets service
    * Add initial providers infrastructure.
    * Secrets: Add encryption at rest
    * Secrets: Add Proxy backend
    * Local secrets provider Content-Type handling
    * Secrets: Add local container entries support
    * Monitor: Add mode to generate confdb only 

Sumit Bose (1):
    * Add winbind idmap plugin 

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