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Hi Simo,

I understand the mechanics of the error, however, when you are trying
to configure Cloudera Manager with IPA, the configuration/setup
process fails with the error (and it shows in logs) and therefore, CM
does not finish the configuration.

I am not familiar with clouders, if it depends on the kadmin interface,
then it will not work as in FreeIPA thatintrerface is read-only.

If the only issue is using a keytab where they use some old kerberos
component that does not handle preauthenticated encryption, then you
can go into freeipa and lift the requirement to perform
preauthentication for that specific principal.

ipa service-mod my/principal@REALM --requires-pre-auth=false
I did already refer to this blogpost the other week:

/ Alexander Bokovoy
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