I happened to find the online manuals on the ipa-client-install with the
*--server*=*SERVER*Set the IPA server to connect to. May be specified
multiple times to add multiple servers to ipa_server value in sssd.conf.
Only the first value is considered when used with --no-sssd.

It's different from the help from command line, :(.

On Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 5:08 PM, wenxing zheng <wenxing.zh...@gmail.com>

> Dear experts,
> I have configured a FreeIPA server + a FreeIPA replica, which can work in
> expectation. But now when I am coming to configure the Client, how to
> specify the option --server for the ipa-client-install?
> Since FreeIPA are working in the mode of master + replica, I think when we
> are configuring the client, we need to specify a "logical" server,
> otherwise, how to implement the failover?
> Appreciated for your hints
> Kind Regards, Wenxing
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