Dear all,

I have installed FreeIPA and try to learn about the concepts.

I’ve been looking around, reading documents that I found and searched but did 
not find any useful hints how to configure FreeIPA to solve my problem I 
describe below.

Any hints will be greatly appreciated!

I’m looking for a solution of the following:

Given an organizationm let’s call it IT-Company. This organization has a couple 
of administrators which are repsonsible for maintaining users and hosts of the 
organization on FreeIPA. But IT-Company also has customers for whom it hosts 
some machines and some user accounts.

Each of these customers should be able to manage their own users but they 
should not see users and hosts outside their scope.

I found messages explaining the restrictions that inhibit users 
managing/changing anything outside their scope but I did not find anything 
showing how to filter the users/hosts shown to them.

Can this be done with FreeIPA and if so how?

Thank you for any hints,

best regards


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