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> wrote:
> yes, but I think this is only a side effect. SSSD cannot resolve a
> global catalog server. Does
>     dig SRV _gc._tcp.td.mydomain.com
> return anything when called on the IPA server?

It didn't. I've added a DNS entry and now it works like this:
dig +short SRV _gc._tcp.td.mydomain.com
0 100 389 dc.td.mydomain.com.

Now when I clear server's cache by removing the files in /var/lib/sss/db/ and 
restart sssd daemon it apparently behaves as it should - ad_users group that I 
use for HBAC for AD users gets updated. sss_cache -E doesn't work for me and I 
have to delete cache files manually. I will test group membership propagation a 
little bit more to be 100% sure, though.

Is there any other way for these changes to propagate without a restart? I have 
this entry in sssd.conf: entry_cache_timeout = 60 but it doesn't seem to work.


> It is most probably the GID of the 'Domain Users' group of the AD
> domain.
> Please remove the entry again, it might cause all kind of irritations.
I've removed that, it was just for the testing purpose.
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