Is anyone playing with NFS with ZFS on FreeIPA networks? I am virtualizing
my home network infrastructure; To wit:
-CentOS 7 with ZFS and KVM hypervisor as the host, one Windows 2012 R2
guest running ActiveDirectory, the rest of the guests are mostly Fedora 25;
-FreeIPA -> AD trust is working, and I can sign into a AD Domain user on
all clients;
-I have all my files (Media, HTML files, etc) on the host in a ZFS
partition, I tried using the ZFS-native NFS sharing options, but ended up
with question mark permissions... So I have exported the root file system
with Kerberos authentication and Secure NFS, with crossmnt set in the
options, and now my client can mount and view the contents of the ZFS
-But I have lingering permission issues... Apache can't read anything (Even
with 777 permissions set and SELinux set to Permissive), regular users can
read, can write, but can't create directories or change permissions (Even
on files they own).

I'm not sure if I should attack the problem from the angle of SELinux being
the culprit, or ZFS being the culprit, or some ID mapping issue... But I'm
certain that the combination of ZFS, NFS, and FreeIPA is poorly
documented... So any experience from the community would be greatly
appreciated :p
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