i have an freeipa server running and 10 clients. Every client is an copy
from a pc. And everybody works just perfectly except the original pc where
i tested and installed the system at the beginning. I allready copyed the
system over with the one that i used on every client around here, but after
one week he allready shows errors again.

Now the problem is that i cant login in with any account. When login in
over the greeter (lightdm) he just turns to a black screen shortly and then
switches back. When u try to login in over tty, u will get the following

/net/laufer/user: change directory failed: no such file or directory

I run in this error before and normaly it was connected to autofs not
running. But autofs is running and prints out the following errors:

dev_ioctl_send_fail: token = 76
handle_packet: type= 3
handle_packet_missing_indirect: token 77, name user, request pid 3085
dev_ioctl_send_fail: token = 77
handle_packet: type = 3
handle_packet_missing_indirect. toke 78, name user, request pid 3085
dev_ioctl_send_fail: toke 78
handle:packet: type = 3
handle_packet_missing_indirect: toke 79, name user, request pid 3085
dev_ioctl_send_fail: toke = 79

Any ideas?

thank u very much
greetings tobi
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