I’ve mentioned problems setting up a replica. I just got it to work.

The install ran cleanly. No sign of errors. However a couple of items ended up 
in LDAP on the replica, but didn’t get into the copies on the original 2 
systems. krb4.cs.rutgers.edu<http://krb4.cs.rutgers.edu> is the new replica.

was missing all the IPA object classes, and ipaReplTopoManagedSuffix, 
ipaMinDomainLevel, and ipaMaxDomainLevel.

was missing memberPrincipal: 

ipa topologysegment-show believed that the replication agreement between the 
new system and the one it was installed from was one-way (left-to-right), 
although it appears both replication agreements were in place and worked.

I added the missing attributes, deleted the broken topology segment, deleted 
the replication agreement that wasn’t reflected in the topology, and then put 
back the topology segment.

The system now appears to be working without error.

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