I just tried to upgrade one of our IPA servers to 4.5.0 (from 4.4.0) on C7 (along with updating C7 to 7.4) and it bombed spectacularly.  It seems the upgrade process doesn't like the GoDaddy SSL cert we supplied for HTTPS only.  Is there documentation explaining the process with an HTTPS only SSL cert for IPA?  The last time we tried to set this up it was two weeks worth of headaches before we managed to get it working (and I didn't do it, so it wasn't documented), I mention that because I got a concussion from slamming my head against my desk trying to get it working.

I don't want to replace the CA cert in IPA, just use the GD cert for HTTPS so Chrome, et al, won't bark about it.

I've googled this, but there's so much conflicting info, I'm not sure what's really good or bad. Seems there are fifteen ways to setup SSL certs, but none are clear (to me) on what's the correct method for just HTTPS.

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