I am trying to install replica by "ipa-replica-install 
replica-info-namenode2.hadoop.gxdwdc.gpg" but it failed,
ipa-replica-install replica-info-namenode2.hadoop.gxdwdc.gpg...The host 
namenode2.hadoop.gxdwdc already exists on the master server.You should remove 
it before procedding:        % ipa host-del namenode2.hadoop.gxdwdc
Then I ran "ipa -host-del namenode2.hadoop.gxdwdc" but it still 
failed,[root@namenode2 ~] ipa host-del namenode2.hadoop.gxdwdcipa: ERROR: did 
not receive Kerberos credentials
I thought i need to run "kinit" first, than I ran "kinit admin", it still 
failed,[root@namenode2 ~] kinit adminkinit: Configuration file does not sepcify 
default realm when parsing name admin
can anyone inform me how can i overcome this issue?
Thanks ahead.

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