Hello list,

I'm trying to move from NIS to FreeIPA for authentication in a cluster.I 
already setup FreeIPA server running version 4.5.0 on CentOS 7 and
it works good. I've got a few Centos 7 and Fedora 23 clients talking
to it all good.
We have a few legacy nodes that *fedora 14* and *fedora 20* and I'm not
allowed to replace the nodes just yet. I would like for them to be able
to talk to the same FreeIPA server as well. I tried to install freeIPA
client, but with no success. Appreciate any help/tips with getting the
latest freeipa-client installed and running on fedora 14.
I tried to install "ipa-client" available in Fedora 11 updates
root@c04b13 ~]# yum install ipa-client
---> Package ipa-client.x86_64 0:1.2.2-6.fc14 set to be installed
--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Dependencies Resolved
Processing delta metadata
Package(s) data still to download: 48 k
|  48...
Running Transaction
  Installing     : ipa-client-1.2.2-6.fc14.x86_64Installed:
  ipa-client.x86_64 0:1.2.2-6.fc14

[root@c04b13 ~]# ipa-client-install
DNS discovery failed to determine your DNS domain
Please provide the domain name of your IPA server (ex: example.com):
freeipa1.nghpc.dkDNS discovery failed to find the IPA Server
Please provide your IPA server name (ex: ipa.example.com):
freeipa1.nghpc.dkFailed to verify that freeipa1.nghpc.dk is an IPA Server.
This may mean that the remote server is not up or is not reachable
due to network or firewall settings.

The same ipa-client-install works just fine on a Fedora 23 box on the
same network.My question: Is there a way to get the latest FreeIPA-client 
installed on this old fedora 14 box?
I tried to download the rpm file from
and install it using
yum --nogpgcheck localinstall freeipa-client-4.6.1-4.fc28.x86_64.rpm

But, it only throws dependancy errors as in the attached console log.

Any ideas about how I can get the freeipa-client package on f14?

  Aravindh Sampathkumar

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