On 08/24/2009 12:07 PM, Rachid Zarouali wrote:
hello :)
does anyone has successfully connected freeipa server with a radius server ?
if so , is there any howto/doc?.... that may help me doing it myself ?

Supporting radius is on our roadmap, but won't likely be part of v2. Our plan is to use FreeRADIUS. Connecting IPA and FreeRADIUS in a basic configuration is not difficult if all you want to do is PAP (just enable the krb5 module). However supporting 802.1 as well as Windows supplicants is likely to require some work on our end. There is also the issue of Web GUI support for radius management and desirable features such as group membership tests, time of day authorization, authorization based on NAS type and location (e.g. VPN vs. wireless, etc.), revocation of access (CoA), bandwidth controls, etc. These complications are reasons why Radius is lower on our priority list.

However, one thing which will help us is getting a better understanding of out the hundreds of ways radius can be deployed and managed which are the ones are most important to support.

What do you want in terms of radius support from IPA?

Would you be willing to contribute to this area?

John Dennis <jden...@redhat.com>

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