Hello Richard,

Rachid Zarouali wrote:
> Thanks for the answer John,
> let me explain what we want to do :
> we have several network equipments (firewall, router....)
> on which we want to add a radius authentification using freeradius.
> to have a central authentification system (network, servers...)
> i'm searching for a way to connect freeradius to the ipa system.
> like it can be done between openldap and freeradius.
> am i clear ?
> if not let me know i'll put more details.
Devil is in details. What kind of authentication methods you are
planning to use (hardware supports)?
Outer methods, inner methods? What would be the credential the user
would use to authenticate?
Is it IPA user's kerberos password?
Do you plan to use radius for authentication only or you also want to
configure the user session and/or device via RADIUS response to

Thank you

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