Dear FreeIPA community,

I successfully installed FreeIPA this morning. Now I got a problem about
Kerberos Authentication. New user cannot modify their password in shell.

I added a new user named *haha(group: ipauser)* based on the webUI. This
user is not a existed system user. Then I added a new Delegations(allow
people in group ipauser can modify password for group ipauser) .

*[mich...@freeipa Desktop]$ su - haha*
> *Password: *
> *Warning: Your password will expire in less than one hour.*
> *Warning: password has expired.*
> *Kerberos 5 Password: *
> *Warning: Your password will expire in less than one hour.*
> *New UNIX password: *
> *Retype new UNIX password: *
> *su: incorrect password*
> *[mich...@freeipa Desktop]$ su - root*
> *Password: *
> *[r...@freeipa ~]# su - haha*
> *su: warning: cannot change directory to /home/haha: No such file or
> directory*
> *-sh-3.2$ *

Root can su - haha successfully. I think that means the Kerberos works, but
new user cannot reset their password in their shell.

What should I do?

Best Regards,

Michael Kang(康上明学)
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