Dmitri Pal wrote:
Scott Kaminski wrote:
Just wondering if you setup 4 servers using MMR what would happen if
your first ipa server died and was unrecoverable? Would it be possible
to recover from this scenario?

The replicas are mostly symmetric. The difference is the that the first
IPA has certs that you need to back up and store. Other than that all
replicas are equal.
With the certs saved aside you can recover with no issues.
There was a more detailed answer on the list some time ago from Rob.
Rob do you remember?

Yup, details are here:

The only other stipulation is that you'd want to use ipa-replica-manage to break any replication agreements with the downed server to avoid the extra overhead.


The reason I ask as the way I understand 389-ds is that the
username/password db will be available in a mmr setup, but the
configuration database requires a special replication setup.

What methods does everyone use to backup there ipa systems?



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