On 01/27/2010 12:44 AM, Michael Kang wrote:
Nobody answers my question:

Could I ues phpLDAPadmin to maintain FreeIPA Directory Server?

What would you like to administer? FreeIPA comes with a Web GUI that gives you an administrator interface for many operations. The 389 Directory server (which FreeIPA is based on) also comes with a Java based web administration interface, although we don't use it.

There is no inherent reason you couldn't use phpLDAPadmin provided it supports the authentication we require. But more to the point is why? If there is something fundamentally lacking in the administration interface we provide we should fix it. Please note that v2 of FreeIPA has been under heavy development and the web GUI has received a lot of attention for the next release and whatever you're missing might have already been taken care of.

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