> Unfortunately this might be one of many cases where the UI just does not
> work yet.
> There are some patches pending but we decided not to apply them since
> they are big and could cause side effects.
> The UI that you see is more a declaration of the direction of the UI
> rather than a working functionality.
> It has a lot of glitches we will be cleaning in the upcoming month
> leading to Beta.

Thanks for the information. Good to know I'm not just doing something obviously 
wrong right now.

Should I be filing bug reports for these kinds of issues at this time or wait 
until further releases when some of the pending patches have been applied?

> I guess the main goal at the moment is answering the questions like:
> a) Is the whole model of the "list-select-do" like it was in old dialog
> boxes is the right model?
> b) Do the buttons make sense? Does their meaning makes sense?
> c) Should we pre-fill the lists automatically (like it is done now) or
> require search first?

I much prefer listing items automatically but I could see this being 
problematic in huge installations of there is no "paging" functionality when 
you reach over X number of records.

> d) Is it Ok to switch back and forth between the list view and item view
> or we should combine them in some way?
> And many more...
> Ideas and comment are always welcome!
> Thank you for looking into this. Sorry if we did not meet your expectations.

I'll spend more time with the UI tomorrow and see if I can get a feel for the 
other questions you're looking for feedback on.


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