If you can summarize your thoughts about the UI in a bulleted list and
just send it out would be better.

Ok, here goes:

* The context sensitive search and great and intuitive but it may also be useful to have a global 
search that can return results from more than one context. Say I want to find all records that 
relate to "ryan", I could perform a global search on this term and get results from user 
accounts, automounts, groups, HBACs, etc. all on the same page Right now, I'd have to search for 
"ryan" several times on several pages, making note of search results from each page to 
keep track of all of it.

* The button labels are logical to me but perhaps "View" or "Show" are better labels for 
the current "Retrieve" button, although this is entirely minor and it is certainly not a problem to 
understand the functionality of the button as-is. Consider this mostly irrelevant.

* I like the double-click to "Retrieve" functionality. It's minor but helps 
reduce the amount of mouse movement necessary to view a record in detail and makes the UI 
more desktop-like.

* When viewing a record, the "Close" button is on the far right and the "Update" and "Delete" buttons are on 
the left. I like how that keeps the action buttons separate from the non-action buttons. However, in the "Update" page, the 
"Cancel" button is on the left and the "Update" button is on the right. It's just a minor layout thing, but keeping the 
action and non-action buttons on the same side for every page would be more consistent. I found my mouse going to the wrong side sometimes 
as a result of this, depending on whether I was viewing or updating data.

* Sorting by column is a good must-have feature for when looking at a lot of records. Can 
we expect this functionality to be extended to all columns that will eventually be 
displayed? It appears right now that more columns will be used in the future to display 
more information about each record without having to "retrieve" it and thus 
extending the column sorting to all columns would be useful.

* I don't mind the switching between list and view modes as it currently is but 
I could potentially be faster to navigate the records by having both list and 
view visible at the same time. You could just perform a single click on the 
list to update the view with whatever record was clicked on. I don't know if 
this would make the best use of screen real-estate or not and I don't really 
have a strong opinion on it either way right now.

* If the separate of list/view model is maintained, all the empty white space 
currently on the view/update pages could be used to display context-sensitive 
help and detailed descriptions of each field. This would not only help 
administrators determine the correct fields in which to enter the necessary 
details, but also provide information on the expected format of the input or 
even a list of valid inputs for fields where the input is only going to be one 
of several possible values. Right now, I'm finding myself having to look up the 
Administration guide a bunch to remember exactly what each field represents and 
what to enter into that field to produce my desired end result. Of course, some 
fields are obvious simply by their label, but not all of them currently are.

I applaud the overall effort thus far but I fear I'm the wrong person to be 
asking for HCI/UI feedback so hopefully more people are sending their ideas, 
suggestions and feedback as well!

Thank you again for you help and interest.

No problem ;)


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