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> Hi,
> I'm using Fedora 13 with the new SSSD daemon (Which conflicts with the
> old nscd daemon). Does anyone know how to clear the cache of this
> service?
> I've added a user to a few groups and "id username" shows the correct
> groups on the FreeIPA server, but not on my client machine. I used to
> run "/etc/init.d/nscd reload" for nscd, but this does not appear to
> work for sssd.
> I've read through the SSSD howto:
> https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/wiki/HOWTO_Configure_1_0_2
> but this does not mention clearing the cache - only how to set the
> cache timeouts.

SSSD will update the cache on any login that goes through PAM.

Do you need a way to refresh specific user information it logs in ?

If so, at the moment you can reset the cache by stopping SSSD and
deleting the appropriate file in /var/lib/sss/db and restarting SSSD.
The db file to be deleted has the domain name (as used in the sssd.conf
section tag) in the file name.


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