Fereyre Jerome wrote:
Hi all

I am trying to connect postgresql to freeipa/kerberos to ensure user
but i did not find a lot of information concerning this type of

currently the messages i encounter arewhen i'm using the psql command:
psql: FATAL: accepting GSS security context failed
D√ČTAIL : Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more
information: Permission denied
but i'm not able to find out what is the problem.

Does anyone of you has already built such a configuration? can gave me
some information or link
to documentation to do so?

I don't know anything about kerberizing postgres but I would guess that you created a service keytab for psql, is that right? Check the permissions of the keytab. Permission denied usually means that the server can't read its own keytab.

If this doesn't fix it can you outline what you've done so far in configuring psql?


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