Michael Cronenworth wrote:
>  Hi all,
> I have a server running 389, DNS (bind) with DHCP (dynamic dns), Samba
> (Domain Controller), httpd for Wiki and a Koji instance, and Cobbler
> for network installing RHEL. It runs everything great right now for
> Fedora and Windows clients and it is easy to admin with the 389
> console or Webmin for the other things.
> I looked at FreeIPA and it seems to be just a fancy front-end to
> configure those same tools. What benefits would I see if I installed
> FreeIPA given my server config above?
It is domain controller in itself. It is more targeted for UNIX/Lunix
environments for now. It would replace your DS  with DS + Kerberos.
In future it will replace Samba part too as a DC for Windows client - it
will reuse samba code not a different implementation rahter different
packaging and better integration with Linux portion.

If you are talking about IPA v1 there is not much value for you other
than Kerberos but I assume you use Samba 4 as DC and have it as a
Kerberos KDC, right?
If you talk about v2 that we have in alphas then there is also better
integration and management of hosts, host based access control with
SSSD, netgroups, automounts etc. But it has not beed released yet.
You can try one of the daily builds if you want.


> Thanks,
> Michael
> P.S. I attempted to install it but I ran into a dependency conflict
> with mod_ssl. I require that for Koji, so there seems to be a problem
> there.
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