Gavin McQuillan wrote:

We're moving to a vendor which only supports servers with CentOS or RHEL.

I see a 2 1/2 year old document for building SRC RPMs to get an older
version of ipa-server running: However
there are problems with it.

- It's missing several steps and/or or the package names have changed
since 5.2.
- Some people hint that 'centos-ds' located in the testing should serve
the same purpose, but it looks like it only supports basic LDAP
- Naturally, this repo config doesn't work:

Has anybody in the community successfully gotten a relatively recent
version of FreeIPA installed on CentOS 5.X?

Thanks in advance,

The server portion of freeIPA v2 server will not work on a 5.x-based system. It would be a tremendous amount of work to back port things.

freeIPA v1 should work fine on 5.x. I'm not all that familiar with CentOS but I would guess that centos-ds is the equivalent of the RHDS packages so that is what you need.



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